Indigi® Smallest Most Powerful Portable 12 Volt Emergency Car Jump Starter Power Bank (Blue) Precio: 90,09 (Fecha 18/05/2022 00:48 PST- Detalles)

Introducing Indigi Ultra-Portable 8000mAh Emergency Car Jump Estrangulador and Power Bank Kit – a teléfono inteligente power bank battery charger also cánido be used to restart your car in case it dies. With the all new ultra-portable design, this 3-in-1 mini jump Estrangulador is so small that only weighs 8oz and 4.8inch in diameter, yet so powerful that perro jump start your cars, boats, motor cycles and more. For the first time you perro truly put this jump Estrangulador into your pocket and your purse when you are on the go. No need to worry about your cars during cold weather. No need to worry about your portable device out of power when you are travel. The powerful car battery jump Estrangulador with 400Amp peak current has enough power to bring your car back to the road 20 times upon a full charge. The 8000mAh, 5V, 2Amp USB power bank output extend your portable device usage again, again and again, up to 4 times of an iPhone4 device. The ultra-bright LED light has flash, strobe and SOS mode that will assist you in the dark and emergency. To protect your cars, your portable devices and your mini jump Estrangulador in a safe and working condition, this jump Estrangulador features overload protection, reversion current protection and over charge protection. Perfect for people who have car emergency and want admirable functionality. It supports most smart phone charging and completely replaces the products próximo to mobile power paquetes. With true powerful LED flashlight, three-function switchover, emergency, rescue, signaling, lighting, deterrence and defense and other powerful features. It is the indefinido choice for long driving, acampada, hiking, biking, traveling, night shift workers, emergency power back up at home and in your vehicle.
High Capacity 8000mAh Lithium Polymer power bank charge all your cell phone, tabletas, Camera, GPS, PSPs and more by using the included 4-in-1 connector. Fast Charging, Diuturno Metalic Case, Instant Car Jump Estrangulador, Emergency Flash Light, All-in-One to meets all your needs
Ultra-Portable, Smallest, lightest, most compact and powerful Lithium Polymer jump Estrangulador Power Bank in the kind, weighs only 8.5oz., yet powerful enough to jump start 12V gasoline vehicles, light duty trucks, boat and more, for up to 20 times on a full charge.
Emergency power back up at home and in your vehicle. Safe, reliable, and perfect for everyday driving, traveling, outdoor activities, emergency home use. This device is a must in every vehicle, home, and or even for catálogo carry on.
Cánido be charge to full condition in about 3 hours with either indefinido AC adapter (100V -240V) or 12V card cigarette lighter. Featured overload protection, reverse current protection and over charge protection to ensure long lasting of the device. Power charge of this device will remain 3-6 months without recharging (standby)
Package Contents: 1x 8000mAh jump Estrangulador power bank, 1x 4 in 1 mobile phone adapter, 1x power adapter, 1x jumper cabo with 2 battery clamps, 1x usuario preceptor, 1x car charger